Ah, it’s that time of the year again: fresh starts, renewed motivation, post-holiday promises with yourself that you won’t ever treat yourself to that many cookies again. But we often find ourselves creating so many difficult resolutions that we end up feeling fatigued and overwhelmed. Inevitably, we abandon our goals.

So let’s keep it simple this year and stick to these five easy goals in 2020…

Get Organized/Declutter

You know that pile of mail that you’ve accumulated and are always too busy to sort through? What about that box of stuff you meant to take to the donation center? Be sure to schedule out some time to sort through your clothes, paperwork, electronics, etc. to start the year off fresh.

Find an Exercise Routine That You Enjoy

Notice that we didn’t say “workout five times a week” or “lose x amount of pounds”. According to HelpGuide, exercise habits are more likely to stick when you start small and build momentum. A simple step is to find a routine that you enjoy, like walking for 30 minutes a couple days a week or trying a yoga class. It’s easier to build a habit upon an activity that you are excited about, so try out a couple different routines and find out what works for you.

Put Down Your Phone

According to RescueTime, we spend 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on our phones on average. Woof. But there are ways to curb excessive screen time, such as Screenless Saturdays or making your bedroom a “screen-free zone”.

Most phones also have the capability of measuring your screen time throughout the day, including how many times you pick up your phone, the amount of time you interact with an app, and more. Use these metrics to your advantage and determine your screen habits so you can disconnect more.

Help Your Community

Volunteering isn’t just good for those in need. According to HelpGuide, volunteering can “help you to find friends, connect with the community, learn new skills, and even advance your career.”  Research also suggests that volunteering benefits your physical and mental health by reducing stress, combatting depression, keeping you mentally stimulated, and providing a sense of purpose. Click here to find a volunteering opportunity that is right for you.

Book Your Doctor’s Visits for the Year

Annual physicals, dental appointments, eye checks…These are all necessary to maintain good health throughout the year, but they are easy to forget without proper planning. Now is the time to review your calendar for the year and schedule out your appointments in advance.

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