It’s Summer! Here’s How You Can Stay Safe at the Pool or Beach

With the heat of the summer months rolling in, we’re all itching to cool off in the pool.

Make sure you and your family are prepared with the proper safety information before you take your first dive!

  1. Ensure your family is prepared with the proper swim training so they can safely navigate the water. Children, especially, should be enrolled in swim lessons at an early age because, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in five people who die from drowning are aged 14 years or younger. To be extra cautious, make sure to never swim alone and be sure an adult accompanies children while swimming.
  2. The American Red Cross recommends preparing with the proper training in the case of an emergency. Learning proper CPR and rescue techniques can mean the difference between life and death in case of a water emergency.
  3. Because alcohol and drugs (including some prescription medications) impair your judgement, coordination, and body temperature, it’s best to avoid these substances when swimming or supervising. Studies on alcohol and water safety “suggest persons with a blood alcohol level of 0.10 g/100 ml have about 10 times the risk of death associated with recreational boating compared with persons who have not been drinking”.

Prepare yourself and your family with these water safety tips before making your way to the pool this summer.

For more information, or to find water safety resources near you, click here.